6 Best Cams For Stock 350 Chevy Reviews

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If you could pinpoint one of the most important parts of the engine, there is a high probability that you would pick the camshaft.

Many of you readers may already be aware of its function. It is the part solely responsible for controlling the amount of fuel burnt and the fumes removed.

Its function is pretty critical. It is not common knowledge that upgrading or replacing the camshaft can bring you again in horsepower.

Yes, that is right! That is why this article is solely focused on finding the best cam for 350 Chevy. So, without any further ado, let’s get straight into it!

6 Top Rated Stock 350 Chevy Cams Comparisons

Comp Cams 12-602-4 Hydraulic Flat Cam

Comp Cams 12-602-4 Hydraulic Flat Cam

Comp Cams Xtreme Energy 242/248 Hydraulic Roller Cam

Comp Cams Xtreme Energy 242/248 Hydraulic Roller Cam

SB Chevy Hi-Perf RV Cam And Lifter Kit

SB Chevy Hi-Perf RV Cam And Lifter Kit

Lunati Bare Bones Hydraulic Flat Cam

Lunati Bare Bones Hydraulic Flat Cam

Lunati Voodoo Hydraulic Flat Cam

Lunati Voodoo Hydraulic Flat Cam

Melling Hydraulic Flat Camshaft

Melling Hydraulic Flat Camshaft


1. Comp Cams 12-602-4 Hydraulic Flat Cam

Comp Cams 12-602-4 Hydraulic Flat Cam

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11/10/2023 03:58 pm GMT

Easily taking the first spot is a Product by Comp Cams. This company is one whose name comes up whenever a camshaft comparison comes up.

They make stellar products from many vehicles. With close to 200 ratings, the product is popular.

Let’s see what it has to offer!

The first thing that impresses me is that it is offered in three different variations. You can choose from a cam and lifter kit, a camshaft only, or even a K-Kit.

There are even options for choosing the rpm range you will be driving in. These options start from 2000, 2200, 2500 and end with 5800, 6100, and 6400, respectively.

So, the company has given you many options to choose from, so you can get one that is perfect for your use.

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution, then there is nothing better than the K-Kit. It is perfect as it is a complete valvetrain solution for your vehicle.

You won’t have to worry about mixing and matching the parts of the valvetrain. I agree with one thing that the company says.

Nothing speaks more about the car than its sound. It tells anyone what is present under that hood. If you want your Chevy to speak, this camshaft is the one you should go after.

With over three decades of experience from the company, you will surely get a product that has been tuned for perfect use with your vehicle. It’s not all about the sound.

A new camshaft should mean better performance. You can rest assured that you will be getting a decent and observable difference in both the horsepower and the torque.

Unfortunately, there were a couple of unhappy customers. They complained that the lifters that are included in the box failed after a very short period.

One user even received them in a defective state. It looks like Comp Cams has a quality control issue which it needs to resolve as soon as possible.

  • Various options to choose from
  • Excellent sound
  • Great improvement in horsepower
  • Decent improvement in torque
  • Can choose from a lower compression build
  • Faulty lifters

If the manufacturer fixes this lifter issue, then you have nothing to worry about. Regardless, Comp Cams should be at the top of your consideration list.

2. Comp Cams Xtreme Energy 242/248 Hydraulic Roller Cam

Comp Cams Xtreme Energy 242/248 Hydraulic Roller Cam
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11/09/2023 11:23 pm GMT

If you are looking for something different, then I have got just the thing for you. Yes, you read the title right!

Comp Cams has taken the second spot on this article too. What this suggests is that the company’s experience in this arena supersedes all others.

Don’t believe me?

I suggest you check out this Xtreme Energy 242/248 Hydraulic Roller Cam and then decide for yourself.

Like the previous one, this camshaft is offered in different variations, allowing you to choose the one best fits your usage scenario.

This cam has many properties that are similar to the previous one, except for one thing. This, right here, is a roller cam. It is something to consider because of its low friction design.

That helps in boosting the horsepower and torque of the vehicle. This roller cam allows the engine to reach a 9.5:1 or even a greater number for compression.

This means that it will be working as efficiently as possible. So, you can expect better fuel consumption with this Comp Cams cam installed.

Another great thing about this cam is that it has been designed for use with much lower RPMs. From 1600 to 5400, its usage range may allow more users to install it.

This camshaft, unlike the previous one, is made from iron. It is very durable and will easily last for years, and even decades, on end.

I must clarify one thing. This camshaft is not something that is to be installed and used by all users. It is to be used strictly for street and performance scenarios.

The considerably loud sound is something that may get you reported to the authorities. So, this is something you must keep in mind before ordering it.

There was only one user that complained about this camshaft. He received one that had been used before.

This should not be the case because Comp Camps is a company that people trust. It means a shipping issue is present, which needs to be fixed not to happen again.

  • 9.5:1+ compression ratio
  • Lesser friction as compared to a flat cam
  • 1600 to 5400 RPM range
  • Improved performance and sound
  • May receive a used product

I honestly think that this was an isolated issue. Unless more people buy this product, there will not be a confirmation if the issue is widespread.

So, you can go ahead and order this one, and it will keep you happy for a long time.

3. SB Chevy Hi-Perf RV Cam And Lifter Kit

SB Chevy Hi-Perf RV Cam And Lifter Kit
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I could fill this entire list with Comp Cams products if I wanted. But that would be unfair to other manufacturers as they deserve to be checked out as well.

Well, you should start from this SB Chevy Hi-Perf RV Cam. You never know; the camshaft may even exceed your expectations.

Designed to give you a rough idle, this camshaft is perfect for power users who are looking for something that will boost the performance of their engines.

The thing about this camshaft is that it has been designed for all non-computer-controlled SBC Gen 1 blocks out there.

So, if you know someone who meets the criteria and is looking for an upgrade, this cam should be recommended to him.

For those who want to know, this kit has everything you will need for a proper installation.

This means the camshaft itself, the lifters, and the Zinc Additive lube. It does need a 2500 RPM stall for that sound you want everyone to listen to.

This product is guaranteed to increase the torque by quite a bit. The difference will be easily observable and noticeable.

So, you should not have any issues regarding the lack of power after installing this kit.

It is compatible with auto and manual transmissions that come with a high stall converter. So, you will not have anything to worry about when you get this camshaft.

You may need to get new valve springs as the stock ones may start to float. This may not happen immediately, but it is still recommended to get new springs installed.

This will allow you to reach the RPMs you want without worrying about anything.

Like the Comp Cams camshaft, a buyer reported about the product shipping with low-quality lifters.

What this means is that there is a high probability of the lifter getting stuck in the bore. This is something you should consider before you get this product.

  • Designed for all SBC Gen 1 blocks out there
  • Guaranteed improvement in torque
  • It can be used with both transmissions with a high stall converter
  • Everything included in the box for installation
  • Subpar lifters
  • The stock valve springs may need replacement

I would not call the second one a proper con of this camshaft because there is no other choice when you get a brand-new camshaft.

Regardless, SB Chevy has made a decent product that will impress you.

4. Lunati Bare Bones Hydraulic Flat Cam

Lunati Bare Bones Hydraulic Flat Cam
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11/10/2023 12:14 am GMT

You are in for a treat with this Camshaft from the Brand Lunati. The company has made a pretty solid product, which you will love.

With a guarantee of a noisy idle and better handling of higher RPMs, it is perfect for people looking to get the most out of their Chevy engines.

Like the previous camshaft, this one comes with everything you need to be included in the box. This means that you are getting the camshaft, the lubricant, and the lifters.

Instructions are also included, but I doubt anyone will use them.

Most of you may have already decided to get this cam installed professionally. The thing that many of you vehicle enthusiasts will love about this camshaft is the price.

Coming in at a price that is 50% lesser than some other options on this article will turn a lot of heads. You would expect it to perform according to the price.

I can assure you that there will be a decent horsepower increase. So, you don’t have to worry about that.

This camshaft is the perfect choice for people who have rebuilt their Chevy engine and are looking to blow a fresh breath of life into it.

The manufacturer also claims that this camshaft will allow the engine to have a better throttle response.

This means that any delay while accelerating will be significantly reduced, and your races or rides will be more fun than ever.

For those who are wondering, the camshaft will be best put to use when the 350 Chevy is used for something similar to bracket racing.

Again, it is not recommended when you want to race professionally. As long as it is casual, you should be good to go.

There are two drawbacks of this otherwise perfect camshaft. The first thing is that it can only be used on small blocks manufactured in 1985 or later.

This makes the compatibility list short. Plus, one user complained that the lube that is included in the box had leaked during shipping.

  • Considerably cheaper than the competition
  • Better throttle response
  • Reduced acceleration delay
  • Increased horsepower output
  • Compatible with 1985 and newer models
  • Shipping issues

The company should improve its shipping standards so that users won’t have to face this issue of getting a leaked or damaged package ever again.

Other than that, the camshaft is pretty solid and was given a solid rating from consumers.

5. Lunati Voodoo Hydraulic Flat Cam

Lunati Voodoo Hydraulic Flat Cam
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11/10/2023 05:53 am GMT

Oh wow! Lunati has managed to rack up another spot on this article.

This time, a Product from the Voodoo Series of the company has made its way onto here. But it is very impressive for the company to earn two consecutive spots on such a picky list.

The manufacturer’s Voodoo series has been designed for people who want to push their engines to the maximum limit.

Yes, that’s right! If you liked the previous Lunati camshaft but wanted more performance out of it, your dreams have been answered. This flat cam will blow your mind.

Unlike many other camshafts that have been designed for all transmissions, this one can solely be used on auto transmission vehicles.

Although some of you may take this as a con of this product, it allows the manufacturer to focus on other features rather than compatibility.

Who loves graphs?

I surely do not! Regardless, the company promised that all Voodoo cams provide engines with a greater area under the curve than any other camshaft on the market.

So, you can rest assured that you are getting one of the best products on the market.

The company used the words “No Compromises,” which means it knows what users are looking for.

Just to clarify, that means unthrottled power along with a booming sound that will tell anyone and everyone that you are rocking a beast under the hood.

You can expect improved horsepower and torque after installing this camshaft in the engine.

This product is also made in the USA. The manufacturer did not forget to mention that. You should not worry about getting defective materials or poor-quality control.

Every product that leaves the assembly line will be as perfect as it can get.

There was one user that ran into installation issues with this camshaft. It may have probably been his fault, but there is no sure way of confirming.

Plus, this camshaft has less than ten ratings, which means it has not been extensively tested.

  • The best area under the curve in the market
  • Top of the line engine HP and torque improvement
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Larger, more aggressive sound
  • Less ratings

The Voodoo series lives up to the mark. It impressed me so that it will exceed your expectations.

Lunati is a company that I have never heard of before, but it will surely remain in my head.

6. Melling Hydraulic Flat Camshaft

Melling Hydraulic Flat Camshaft

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11/10/2023 06:28 pm GMT

Finally, arriving in the sixth and final place is this camshaft from a company called Melling. The chances are that you have never heard of this manufacturer.

Even I, an automotive blogger, have not heard of this name before. Regardless, the company has created a decent product that you should consider buying.

I must clarify that although this Melling Hydraulic Flat Camshaft earned the last spot on this article, it is far from being the worst.

Designed specifically for small blocks like the Chevy 350, this camshaft does not have a description anywhere on the internet.

But I managed to gather enough information to present to you. This product will work from idle to the 5500 RPM range.

So, you won’t have to rev up the engine to get that beautiful engine sound. 5500 RPM is pretty decent, but it is nothing compared to the 6400 that is possible with the Comp Cam camshaft.

Still, it is more than enough for most people. As many enthusiasts love it, the difference between the stock camshaft and this one is night and day.

With a mild and choppy performance, you will have never experienced the 350 engine the way you will after installing this bad boy.

As this camshaft does not go up to the 6000 RPM mark, you can even use the stock valve springs with it. You don’t need to get them replaced. This makes owning it super convenient.

One thing that you should not forget is that the springs should not be worn out. If they are, then you are bound to run into issues.

Other than that, you won’t have to worry about less horsepower or torque in the engine anymore. The performance increase will be substantial, and you will love it.

One buyer complained about receiving a camshaft for the wrong specs, while another complained that there was a missing part from the box.

This means that the company has quality control and a shipping issue which it needs to check and eliminate.

  • Decent improvement in HP and torque
  • Mild and choppy performance
  • Can work with stock valve springs
  • Missing parts
  • Wrong product sent

If Melling wants to make a difference, it needs to ensure that the quality control is on par with the competitors. The camshaft is great, and you will like it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Hard Is It To Put A Cam In A 350 Chevy?

Let me tell you this; there is a very high chance you won’t do this at home. The process is quite complicated.

You cannot just go in there blind, removing parts until you reach the camshaft. Many internal components need to be removed to reach the place. And that is not the hard part.

After the installation of your new cam is done, the reassembly is quite tricky. Many people can’t get this part done correctly, and then they call a mechanic.

So, it is advised to get professional help from the start. This way, you have a very low risk of running into problems.

Q2. How Is The Camshaft Put In Place?

The camshaft is put in place by the flat tappet lifters. If you get a new camshaft, they are usually included in the box.

There have been instances of the lifters being faulty, which does not allow the camshaft to stay in place.

You can buy new ones or contact the manufacturer to get replacement lifters. The latter will not cost you anything, but you never know about a company’s customer service.

Q3. What Causes Camshaft Endplay?

Now, this is an excellent question. The thing is, this question only applies to roller camshafts. Endplay is the movement of the cam from the back to the front.

Other cams, such as flat tappet cams, use pointed lobes, making the camshaft move at the back of the engine block.

But if the installation is done neatly and properly, then there will be no walk-in flat cams.

Symptoms Of A Faulty Camshaft

Some of you may be looking at a replacement because the stock camshaft has gone faulty.

Before you spend the cash on a new one, you should verify if these symptoms are present:

  • Backfiring
  • Popping sounds from the engine
  • Misfires

Misfires have the least chance of happening. Regardless, if these are occurring, then there is a good chance that the camshaft has reached the end of its life.


Get the most reliable and high-performance cam for your 350 Chevy

So, there you have it, avid readers!

There are many camshafts out there, but the ones that take the lead have been listed here.

Out of all the manufacturers that claim to have the best cam for 350 Chevy, I can guarantee you that you won’t find a better product than these.

A new camshaft will make a huge difference and may even lend the engine a new lease on life. After all, the 350 Chevy is quite old engine.

I hope that this article may have helped you in deciding which camshaft is suitable for you.

If you still have any questions, a buying guide is also written that may clear up some of your confusion.