4 Best And Worst Years For The Porsche Macan

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The Porsche Macan is a five-door luxury SUV that boasts a lot of power.

It has been loved by people all around the globe due to its looks. Its driving experience is also one of the best on the market. After all, it is a Porsche!

Although the Macan is a relatively newer vehicle, it was introduced in the USA in 2015, some models have proven to be more unreliable than others.

Of the best and worst years for Porsche Macan, this article will be taking a look at all of them.

There is also a section dedicated to finding the common problems that users have had over the short lifespan of the SUV.

Let’s list down all of them before we get started.

Best Years for Porsche Macan:

  1. 2018
  2. 2021
  3. 2020
  4. 2022

Worst Years for Porsche Macan:

  1. 2017
  2. 2015
  3. 2016
  4. 2019

Now, you might be thinking that this list is inaccurate. Well, you will understand more once I get into the details.

All of the models above will be discussed individually, so you can understand them better. So, without any further ado, let’s get straight into it!

List Of The Best Years For The Porsche Macan: What Years To Buy

Let's find out which year models of the Porsche Macan are good SUV vehicles through my comparison guide

This first section of the article will look at all of the models of the Porsche Macan that one should buy.

These models have been proven to be the most reliable out of all. They are also packed with features.

#1 Best Year: 2018 Porsche Macan

The 2018 model of the Porsche Macan is not the latest one out there, but that still did not stop it from getting the first spot on this list.

I have chosen this model due to one main reason, its excellent reliability.

It has had zero complaints from consumers, making it perfect for anyone. It is loaded with features that make it fun to use.

The engine in this model is a 3.6L V6 one, which can output a very impressive 400HP. It provides an amazing driving experience.

It can reach 60 mph in 4.4 seconds, one of the best in its class. The transmission itself is also great. Shifting is smooth, and there is no indication of the vehicle.

The interior is also one of the best on the market, with Porsche utilizing the best-in-class materials available. It looks and feels extremely premium.

#2 Best Year: 2021 Porsche Macan

Another attractive option is the 2021 Porsche Macan. This one is a bit slower than the 2018 model, with the acceleration time for 0 to 60 mph being 4.8 seconds.

This model did bring some improvements, but they were not as significant, so it is recommended to settle for a bit of an older one, such as the 2018 model.

The driving experience is, as expected, phenomenal. When talking about ride comfort, it is difficult to top Porsche vehicles.

The Macan’s amazing suspension system smooths out all bumps on the road, ensuring you can get a great feel.

The 2021 model has an up-to-date infotainment system that allows you to control the entire vehicle.

Combine this with the 14-way adjustable seats, and you will get an unparalleled driving or riding experience.

#3 Best Year: 2020 Porsche Macan

The Porsche Macan, from 2020, is another option to consider if you are not looking to spend a lot on a new vehicle.

Well, lucky for you, you will not be missing out on anything because the upgrades during the recent years have been incremental.

The driving experience of the turbocharged V6 engine is excellent. It is amazing, and it gets better with the high-quality suspension and braking system.

This model has earned a lower spot because there are too many buttons on the center stack. Although they have been nicely placed, it may get difficult to get used to them.

But there is no doubt that everything looks and feels premium. It has the same technology as the 2021 model. So, you will not be missing out on anything in this regard.

#4 Best Year: 2022 Porsche Macan

Finally, coming in the fourth and final place is the latest and the greatest model of the sporty luxury SUV available on the market.

It is a fantastic SUV and is practical and luxurious, all in one package.

The 2022 model of the Porsche Macan yet again brings incremental changes, which do not make it worth spending on. But, if you are looking for a new one, then this is your only option.

Porsche knows how to make headlines. Several reviewers have given this SUV the title of the one with the best handling.

This model has not earned a better spot because Porsche did not upgrade the infotainment system.

It is still a generation old, while other models of the same brand have started shipping with the newer systems.

It is a great all-rounder, and I doubt you can find anything better in this class.

List Of The Worst Years For The Porsche Macan: What Years To Avoid

With the best models of the Porsche Macan now fully detailed, this article will now be shifting towards the models that have performed worse than the others.

Although these can also be bought without any hesitation, they have some issues that you need to be aware of.

#1 Worst Year: 2017 Porsche Macan

The 2017 Porsche Macan is first up on this list. This model is an amazing one, and you should consider it.

Now, let me make something clear. A very small number of users faced two issues. The first one was related to interior accessories.

Some owners complained that the speedometer was inaccurate, which would not show the correct speed. This could lead to a fine if it underreported the reading.

One user complained that the brake pedal travel was too much. The pedal could be pushed in a lot, which might affect the driving experience.

It looks like Porsche made the braking system extra sensitive. Although this is good and can be handy in accidents, it may not be suitable for driving in congested spaces such as traffic.

#2 Worst Year: 2015 Porsche Macan

Coming in second place is the 2015 Porsche Macan. This model is the first one ever to enter the market.

It was instantly loved by consumers and was surprisingly reliable too. There were a few complaints, but the overall experience of driving this SUV made sure to overcome those faults.

Owners complained that the exhaust system was designed to be too rigid.

Now, some of you might be thinking this is a good thing, but it is not. Being too rigid makes it prone to cracking much easier, which is something that happens to some vehicles.

Porsche did fix the problem in future models, but this is something to be aware of if you settle on this one.

#3 Worst Year: 2016 Porsche Macan

The successor to the 2015 model, 2016 one, made many improvements. It has earned a decent spot on this list.

There was only one complaint with this model: the light alert would stay on at all times.

This might get annoying because owners updated that the lights were fine. It might be a faulty sensor.

Although the repair should not cost a lot, the cost will increase dramatically when you do get it officially done by an authorized professional.

If you compare the 2016 Porsche Macan to other vehicles of the same class and the same year, you will find it a bit expensive. If you ask me, that premium price tag is worth it.

The 2016 model is great overall, and it should be considered if you are looking to get an extremely high-quality luxury SUV but at a lower cost.

#4 Worst Year: 2019 Porsche Macan

The final model on this list is one of the more recent ones on the market.

Writing this article, the 2019 Porsche Macan is only three years old. It has all of the greatest features of the latest models, so you are not missing out on anything.

One issue frustrated some consumers, which you should be aware of. They complained that the brake warning light would turn on, indicating a brake failure.

The thing is, this has occurred with vehicles that are less than a year old.

Porsche may be manufacturing easy-to-wear-down brake pads, so they can charge consumers as much as possible in terms of after-sales service.

Whether you buy this model or another one, this is something to be wary about.

What Are The Most Common Problems With The Porsche Macan?

Now that all eight of the important models of the Porsche Macan have finally been discussed, as promised, I will now be talking about the common problems that Porsche Macan owners have had to face over the years.

It is recommended to read this section in its entirety because every potential buyer must know what can go wrong.

1. Issues With The PCM

The first problem on this list is also the most annoying one.

The PCM, which is short for Porsche Communication Management, is a system designed to control the navigation, the audio, and many other functions of the Macan.

There have been many cases of it being extremely buggy, making it unusable. There can be physical or electrical issues, which make using the system close to impossible.

Owners complained that the system would restart every few minutes, or it would not load any maps. Sometimes it would just get stuck at the Porsche logo, preventing its use.

So, what could be the problem here? Well, this is a software issue that Porsche should have sorted out.

Owners updated that they fixed these problems by resetting the system. You will lose your customizations, but you will gain control back.

2. Faulty Oil Level Sensor

If you are looking for the most common problem on this list, it might just be this one. Sensor failure is very common with Porsche vehicles.

In the case of the Macan, the oil sensor is the one to fail. It is responsible for updating the driver if the oil level is not at a recommended amount.

Unlike all other manufacturers around the globe, Porsche does not include a dipstick in the engine for manual measurement. So, relying on the sensor is the only thing a person can do.

With the sensor being faulty, there is nothing you can do but turn to Porsche for help. They charge a lot, even for a sensor change, but it is the only thing you can do.

If you do not, you should get used to staring at the “Failure oil level indicator” screen for a long time.

You can dismiss it, but it will be back on every engine restart to remind you that it is not working.

3. Camera Issues

Like 99% of vehicles out there, the Porsche Macan utilizes a rearview camera that allows you to easily reverse and park your vehicle.

In the case of some of the models, the camera acts out, making it impossible to use.

Owners complained that the camera loses focus, and the screen becomes so blurred that it cannot be relied on.

Now, Porsche did fix the problem in the newer models of the car.

But in the case of the older ones, the only thing that one can do and replaces the camera entirely. You should not go for an official Porsche camera because it is too expensive.

Any high-quality aftermarket camera will work just fine. Although you will be cutting down the costs in this department, you should not save money when hiring a person to install it.

4. Fuel Pump Failure

The next issue on this list is the last one. It is also one of the more serious ones because if the fuel pump on a vehicle fails, it will not be able to drive at all.

In the case of the Porsche Macan, it has two pumps, one inside the fuel tank and one present in the engine. Well, both of these pumps have been known to fail.

The acceleration becomes sluggish, and there are misfires. This results in a loss of pressure and is often accompanied by an error message.

A fuel pump failure can also be identified when the Macan starts to perform worse.

As the problem can be misdiagnosed, resulting in the wrong pump being replaced, you need to make sure that you get the issue diagnosed by a professional.

Otherwise, there is a very high likelihood that you might have to replace both pumps, which will be expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are Porsche Macan Expensive To Maintain?

Yes, they are. With its decade average being $20000, I think you can get a pretty good idea of how expensive it can get to maintain the Macan.

This number is greater than the industry average by $4500. That is a huge difference, even if it is split over two years.

Another thing that you should know is that within the same ten years, there is a 60% chance that the Macan may need a major repair.

Q2. Is The Porsche Macan A Woman’s Car?

Although the Macan has been seen in the hands of women only, there is no doubt that it is a man’s car too.

Porsche has introduced an SUV that is great for families. This includes men and women. So, the argument that it is a woman’s car is simply illogical.

So, you can buy one and quiet down anyone who says so by giving them a ride in this beauty.

Q3. Which Is Better Macan Or Cayenne?

Although both of them are superior SUVs, the Cayenne pulls ahead. The Macan is more compact and has been geared towards smaller families.

The Cayenne, on the other hand, not only performs better but also has a much more spacious interior. But when it comes to driving, the Macan beats the Cayenne.

Its smaller form factor greatly improves its handling. It can take sharp turns much better than the Cayenne. But the overall winner is still the Cayenne.

Q4. Which Is Better BMW X4 Or Porsche Macan?

Unfortunately, this is not even a close comparison.

The BMW X4 provides a better driving experience and is more comfortable than the Macan. It has a more luxurious feeling, which the Macan cannot offer.

Don’t get me wrong on this one. The Macan is a brilliant luxury SUV, but when you compare it to the likes of the X4, it does not stand a chance. It just is not a fair comparison.

Q5. Can Macan Go Off-Road?

This is a question to which many of you might want the answer. As the Macan has been advertised as a practical yet luxurious SUV, you may want to know how practical it is.

It can be taken for off-roading without any second thought. The Macan has 9-inch ground clearance, making it perfect for off-roading.

The suspension is also good enough to keep working regardless of how bumpy the rides get.


There you have it readers, my take on the best and worst years for Porsche Macan.

I hope this article helped you choose which one will be suitable for you. Porsche has created a stunning SUV which checks all of the right boxes.

It not only has a lot of power under the hood but is luxurious feeling too, which is not the case with the majority of the SUVs on the market.

Out of all of the ones that have been compared today, the 2018 Macan is the clear winner. It is the perfect option for anyone looking for a high-quality SUV with no reliability issues.