Best And Worst Years For The Jeep Commander

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The Jeep Commander was first debuted in the year 2005, this one is well known for its off-roading skills that various users tend to enjoy.

This one has a lot of similarities with the Grand Cherokee.

But it is traditionally styled, has a durable and high-quality interior design, powerful V8 engine and, of course, off-road experience.

Although this one was discontinued, there are still used models you can easily get in the market. If you plan to purchase this model, you must learn about the best and worst years.

So what exactly are the best and worst years for Jeep Commander?

Here are the most reliable and unreliable years for Jeep Commander.

Best Years for Jeep Commander:

  1. 2006
  2. 2010

Worst Years for Jeep Commander:

  1. 2007
  2. 2008
  3. 2009

The Jeep Commander was introduced in 2005 as the 2016 model, and this vehicle was discontinued in 2010.

So there weren’t as many models manufactured. Though this just makes the decision-making process easier for you.

Make sure to read until the end, as I have also included a buyer’s guide section that will answer some of your curious questions about the Jeep Commander.

List Of The Best Years For The Jeep Commander: What Years To Buy

Is Jeep Commander a good car to drive? Let's find out

Before we get into the list of the best model years, you must know that these years are the only years safe to purchase and drive.

They have the highest and excellent reliability ratings.

This is mainly because there aren’t any complaints reported by owners or recalls by the National Highway Traffic Administration.

Now, if you wish to purchase this one, then here are the model years of Jeep Commander which are safe to buy.

#1 Best Year: 2006 Jeep Commander

Starting with the first model, the 2006 Jeep Commander was manufactured in 2005, and it is the first model to be introduced in the Jeep Commander lineup.

Various people noticed that it has a lot of similarities to the Grand Cherokee. But according to some, this model was better in many aspects.

According to the website, many users of this one have given reliability and a safety rating of 4 out of 5.

Moving on, the great thing about this one is that it can exceed 300,000 miles easily on the odometer and still be able to provide efficient performance.

This model comes with the most powerful engine options.

The 3.7 liters SOHC V8 can produce around 210 horsepower, the 4.7 liters SOHC V8 also produces 210 horsepower and lastly, the 5.7 liters Hemi V8 engine can produce about 330 horsepower.

Moreover, do keep in mind that you have two options for the five-speed automatic transmission system, which mainly depends on the engine option you will be choosing.

Furthermore, this vehicle also divers with the options of three four-wheel-drive systems, which is also similar to the Grand Cherokee.

The wheel options are as follows; the base Quadra Trac I, the all-weather Quadra Trac ii or the option of Quadra-Drive ii. Do keep in mind that it comes with three limited-slip differentials.

This one is said to be comfortable from the inside, especially for the driver, as the seats are powered, which offers excellent support and is manufactured with high-quality leather.

You can find this model for around $30,000, but the prices may vary depending on its equipment.

#2 Best Year: 2010 Jeep Commander

Now coming in this list, the 2010 Jeep Commander is the last model to be manufactured before the company discontinued it.

According to various experts and drivers, this vehicle is also said to be the most reliable one out of all.

The main reason why this model was the best model is because of its powerful engine, which is the 5.7 liters V8 option.

With this engine option, the vehicle could produce around 360 horsepower and high torque power. This one also can reach around 14 mpg in the city and around 20 mph on the highway.

Now, there are various great qualities of this one that drivers love about this Jeep, especially the off-roading capabilities, elegant, rugged styling, the HEMI V8, and high towing capacity, which is a must-have in a big Jeep.

Keep in mind that you can choose from the 4WD 4 Door Limited, 4WD 4 Door Sport, and the RWD 4 door Limited.

The prices are different for each model, but the cheapest would be the 4WD Four-door sport which is around $33,575.

It is highly recommended to go for the bigger engine options as it will be more efficient and also provides better fuel economy.

On another note, if you want the best off-roading capabilities, you will be getting three different four-wheel-drive systems that also come with part and full-time units, which are available for various types of off-roading experience.

Make sure to choose wisely by doing your research and checking the vehicle carefully.

List Of The Worst Years For The Jeep Commander: What Years To Avoid

Now coming to the worst years for the Jeep Commander, you must understand that these models will be quite problematic to drive in.

Various owners of these model years have numerous complaints about the Jeep parts.

This is why they have poor reliability and safety ratings, recalls, and the major reason why the Jeep Commander was discontinued after the 2010 model.

If you want to stay safe and do not want your money to go to waste, then here are the years you must avoid.

#1 Worst Year: 2007 Jeep Commander

Starting with the first model year in this list, the 2007 Jeep Commander is the worst mainly because it has a lot of faulty parts that might fail to work spontaneously.

This vehicle is equipped with the 5.7 liters Hemi V8 engine that does not accelerate properly and is said to be quite inefficient.

This one was said to be the first to come with the third-row seat, which was a disaster.

Due to the third-row seats, the driver can’t have the rear vision clearly, especially when the seats are being used. Other than that, the fuel economy in this model is also quite poor.

Moreover, due to its serious issues, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recalled this vehicle about six times.

This is quite concerning because the reported issues are mainly quite dangerous while driving on the road as they can cause serious accidents that can cost your life.

Many people have reported various issues with the electrical system that can cause many parts of the vehicle to malfunction or fail altogether.

According to the report, the ignition key placed inside the key holder can move randomly into the OFF or to the ACCESSORY side.

This means that it can quickly turn off the engine system, which can affect various other parts such as airbags, power steering, and power braking.

If these safety features stop working, then the chances of severe injuries increase which is why you must avoid this one.

#2 Worst Year: 2008 Jeep Commander

Now coming to the 2008 Jeep Commander, this one has poor reliability ratings because it has over 484 complaints reported by various owners.

It has also been recalled five times by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Now, like in the previous model that I have discussed, this 2008 model also makes it difficult for drivers to have a clear rear vision when the third-row seat is occupied with passengers.

This is a major safety concern because if it is difficult for drivers to see, then there are high chances of accidents happening on the road.

Moving on, the top criticism reported to the Car Complaints website is rust formation, which is likely to happen below the windshield trim.

According to some people, the paint under the windshield trim is said to be incomplete. This could be the main reason why the rusting happens under there.

Many people had issues because, in most cases, the rust warranty would have expired. And for some people, the rust wouldn’t be that serious enough to be covered by the warranty.

Moreover, many people have said that they would hear weird and annoying noises coming from the HVAC Blower and could not detect the issue themselves.

The transmission also performs poorly in this model, mainly delaying the engagement of the gears, hard to shift or rough idling, which can ruin the performance.

The electrical systems are also defective, the instrumental panel outlet would require replacement because it would release warm air when cold air has been chosen.

#3 Worst Year: 2009 Jeep Commander

The last worst model year in this list is the 2009 Jeep Commander, which has over 60 complaints reported, and it has been recalled three times by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Although this one has fewer complaints and recalls, it still needs to be avoided because of its major issues related to the engine system.

This made it quite challenging for drivers to ride in, and handling was also not as good as expected.

It also has poor reliability ratings by multiple car reviews sites, so be sure to check those out as well.

Due to the engine issues, many users noticed how their vehicle would not work properly at all. The engine is prone to stall a lot while driving, making it hard to move the car.

According to various experts, this vehicle is simply said to be “undrivable”. People said that when driving around 60 to 70 mph on the freeway, the engine tends to stall randomly.

This can also cost a lot of money to fix, so it is best to avoid this model year.

Other than that, there are issues with the 4WD system light. Many people noticed how the 4WD system light would illuminate randomly while driving.

There are also no codes reserved in the Final Drive Control Module (FDCM). The only way to fix this issue is by updating the software to the FDCM.

What Are The Most Common Problems With The Jeep Commander?

Coming to the common issues with the Jeep Commander, you must know that it can happen spontaneously with almost all of the model years.

While some issues might be easy to fix, some can be quite challenging to deal with and will require a major repairing cost.

Before you purchase the vehicle, it is highly suggested to carefully look into it. Since it is a used vehicle, there are high chances of having major issues.

With that being said, here are the common problems.

1. Broken Exhaust Manifold Bolts

This issue is likely to happen with the Jeep Commander models from 2006 through 2010.

This mainly happens with the models equipped with the 3.7 liters V6 engine or the 4.7 liters V8 engine.

These engines are likely to have exhaust leaks, according to various reports. People with these models mentioned that they would hear ticking sounds from the exhaust manifold.

This issue must be taken seriously in the early stages because it can gradually damage the exhaust manifold bolts if not fixed.

This can only be fixed by replacing the defective exhaust manifold gasket and the bolts.

2. 4WD System Warning Lights Turning On

This issue is mainly found in the models from 2006 through 2009 Jeep Commander. Many users noticed how their 4WD system warning lights turn on spontaneously.

They even mentioned this happens without any codes being stored in the final drive control module (FDCM).

Experts said that the only way this issue can be fixed is by updating the software of the FDCM, which in most cases seems to work perfectly.

3. Instrumental Panel Issues

Many reports stated that the manual temperature control malfunctions.

This means that the warm air would come out of the instrumental panel outlets, even if the user selected the cold air option.

Now this problem happens in the 2006 through 2010 Jeep Commander. Various experts suggest that installing the modified air distributor housing can easily fix this problem.

4. Delayed Transmission Engagement

The delaying of transmission is likely to happen from 2006 until the 2009 Jeep Commander models. It is likely to happen when there is a defective internal cooler return filter.

Delaying of the transmission can affect the vehicle’s performance, which is why it should be looked into immediately.

It is said that the cooler filters which include AB suffix in the part number must be replaced so the issue can be fixed right away.

5. Electrical System Problems

The electrical system of the 2008 Jeep Commander is said to work poorly. This can cause serious issues with other parts as well, which is why you cannot purchase that model at all.

Many owners of the 2008 model reported that the electrical system problems include radio not working, faulty backup sensors, and dash gauges that may malfunction continuously.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is The Best Engine For The Jeep Commander?

According to various users, the best engine option in the Jeep Commander has to be the 5.7 liters HEMI V8 engine.

This is mainly because it has the capabilities of producing around 360 horsepower as well as powerful and efficient 375 pounds-feet of torque.

Q2. How Long Will A Jeep Commander Last?

The Jeep Commander can easily last around 150,000 miles up to 200,000 miles on the odometer.

However, various users have reported how this vehicle can exceed 300,000 miles as well. The average lifespan of the Jeep Commander is said to be from 10 to 15 years.

Make sure to provide it with regular maintenance so it can offer excellent performance throughout its lifetime.

Q3. Why Was The Jeep Commander Discontinued?

The main reason why the Jeep Commander was discontinued is that it was not well received by car enthusiasts in the market.

There were various quality problems in this one that many owners had to deal with, which is why Jeep had to stop the production of this model after the 2010 model.

Q4. Is The Jeep Commander Good In Snow?

Yes, the Jeep Commander rides perfectly in the snow. The vehicle has excellent traction control provides quick response mainly through the 4WD system.

According to one user, you can still maintain the ABS even if the ESP and the TCS are locked up.

Q5. Are Jeep Commanders Good On Gas?

Jeep Commanders are said to work just fine on gas.

According to various reports, the fuel efficiency is said to be around 16 mpg combined, 19 mpg on the highway and 14 mpg in the city for most Jeep Commander models.


There you have it, the best and worst years for Jeep Commander.

Although this jeep was in the market for a couple of years and barely has that many models, you can still find the used 2006 and 2010 Jeep Commander in the market easily.

Having fewer model years can also make decision-making easier.

Make sure to check the model carefully choose the right engine option and trim level before purchasing so you do not end up with a problematic model.