Arkansas Window Tint Laws & Regulations

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While tinting windows is a great way to gain privacy from the outside world, the authorities need to be able to see your face through the window, which is why there are laws that prevent windows from being tinted beyond a certain point.

Arkansas window tint laws have set the lowest VLT amount for a window at 10% and the highest at 25%.

The windshield must use non-reflective tints and limit it to the top 5 inches. Mirrored and metallic appearances are not allowed.

These are the main rules of Arkansas; however, there is still much to discuss, and I will discuss them in greater detail below, along with any questions that you may have.

How Much Tint Darkness Is Legal In Arkansas?

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VLT refers to the amount of light that has to pass through the car windows.

The recommended VLT levels of your windows will change based on the state you are currently in.

Here, I will talk about all the required VLT levels depending on the vehicle’s window.

Tint Darkness Limit For SUVs And Vans

SUVs and vans have it slightly easier in most states.

While some opt to make them no different from sedans, the state of Arkansas has given them slight reprieves when it comes to the rules.

The front-side windows are not allowed to go lower than 25 VLT.

You can, however, go below 10 VLT if you apply tint on your backside windows. This is also true for the rear window, which must allow more than 10% light in.

The windshield is required to have a non-reflective tint. This tint should not go past the first 5 inches of the windshield, starting from the top.

This set of rules is quite common for most states, but the VLT values will undoubtedly change according to the state you are in.

Tint Darkness Limit For Sedans

Sedans have to follow a similar set of rules. However, a single value change separates the Sedans from the SUVs and vans.

1. Front Windshield

Similar to the rules for SUVs and vans, the front windshield for sedans must also follow the same rules, having no reflective tints and any tints being limited to the top 5 inches of the windshield.

2. Front-Seat Side Windows

The front windshields must have at least 25% light pass through them, making them on par with the rules set for SUVs and vans.

3. Rear Window

The rear window continues to have similar rules as SUVs and sedans, with the requirements being identical at 10 VLT at the least.

4. Back Seat Side Windows

This trend, however, is broken by the back seat side windows, which follow a much stricter VLT requirement of 25, the same as the front side windows for Sedans which is 15 more than that for SUVs.

Window Tint Reflection And Tint Colors

  • Arkansas has made it so that the window tints cannot be metallic in appearance.
  • This is the same for mirrored appearances of window tints which are also not allowed.
  • There are no restrictions on the color of the window tints.
  • People are free to get whatever color they want without any threat of infractions. They only have to worry about the VLT levels.

Medical Exemption Of Window Tint Laws In Arkansas

If you suffer from diseases or illnesses that make it difficult to sit in the sun’s rays for longer periods, you will probably want much darker window tints for your car.

Luckily the state of Arkansas allows people to have special tints and darker windows by being medically exempt.

This is achieved by having a letter from a registered doctor who practices medicine in Arkansas.

This letter must directly state that you need to tint your windows darker for medical purposes. It must also contain your name, date of birth, and why you are medically exempt.

You must keep this letter with you, especially if the police stop you.

If you are medically exempt, then it is recommended that you get a medical exemption letter from your doctor as soon as you can to avoid any issues.

Get A Certified Sticker From The Company

While it is understandable that some states would want the tint film manufacturing companies to be at a certain standard, many states do not require these companies to identify if their films are up to standards.

This is true for Arkansas, which does not require window tint manufacturers to certify that the film they sell is up to par with the state.

This does not mean that the motorist is exempt from stickers. This is something that I will talk about later in the article.

Other Window Tint Law Rules And Regulations In Arkansas

There are many other laws you must also look out for when tinting your windows.

Here are a few of them that you need to watch out for:

  • If you are medically exempt, you must have your letter with you.
  • If you tint your windows, you must have a sticker that identifies that your windows are legally tinted. This sticker must be between the film and the glass on the driver’s side.
  • There are no restrictions on side mirrors in case you decide to get your windows tinted.

Cost Of Car Window Tint In Arkansas

The cost of simple window tints in Arkansas can start as low as $180 but can quickly rise to above $220 if you start looking for better quality and warranties films.

If you are in search of top-of-the-line window tint films, then you will have to be willing to pay upwards of $400, which will give you great quality window tints for your whole car.

This should also come with superior UV blocking technology and a lifetime warranty.

Do note that the price will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and will also depend on how many windows you plan to have tined on your car.

That being said, you should not go beyond $500 when it long for the film to tint your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is 15% Tint Legal In Arkansas?

15% tints are legal for the backside windows of all cars in Arkansas.

If you own an SUV, then you can also use 15% tints on your rear windows as well, but the same cannot be said for sedans. This tint is illegal for the front side windows.

Q2. Are 5% Tints Legal In Arkansas?

5% tints are completely illegal in the state of Arkansas.

The lowest VLT value you can get for any window is ten which is double the light that 5% tints offer. This means that you should avoid 5% tints at all costs.

Q3. Is Limo Tint Legal In Arkansas?

Limo tints are also extremely dark and can easily go below the threshold set by the state of Arkansas.

That being said, it is best to say that this tint is not legal on any window and on any vehicle. It is yet another tint that you should avoid.

Q4. Can I Get Pulled Over For Tint In Arizona?

As is the right of any officer suspecting that you are breaking the law, you will get pulled over if they believe that you have a darker tint on your windows.

A tint meter will then be used to determine whether your window tints are legal or not.

Q5. How Much Is A Tint Ticket In Arkansas?

Not using the proper tints on your car windows is a Class B misdemeanor offense in the state of Arkansas.

This means that you will be slapped with fines up to $1000. You may also face up to 3 months in jail.


While the requirements of the state may not be as high as others, it is clear that the state of Arkansas is serious about its window tinting laws, and while they may be lax with the manufacturers of the film, they are much less so with the people actually using them.

Arkansas tint laws carry a heavy price, so it is integral that you follow them to the letter.

This is, of course, unless you are medically exempt, in which case you should get a letter from your doctor as soon as you can.

Apart from that, you should be able to obey the rules set by the state.