2011 BMW 1 Series M Coupe Review

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Most of the classics of the modern era were not very successful when they first came out.

However, some iconic hits, whether in car history or pop culture, have managed to leave their mark on the new world.

One such example is the 2011 BMW 1 Series M Coupe. BMW made the 1 Series M Coupe for only one year before it ceased production permanently in July 2012.

This article talks in detail about the 2011 BMW 1 Series M Coupe and its various features.

All About the 2011 BMW 1 Series M Coupe

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Unlike other BMW M models, this one was available for only a short period.

In 2011, BMW introduced only 2,700 1 Series M Coupe units.

However, once the car rose in popularity, they manufactured some additional models during the year.

The automaker created a grand total of 6,331 1M cars at a Leipzig factory. Nearly 750 of those units were later shipped to the U.S.

While most people were amazed at the make of this model, some had a few complaints about how it was not “BMW enough.”

So, this section looks at the model’s various features and components to help you evaluate its status as a classic.

The Basics

The 1 Series M Coupe is one of the few compact models that rose to rank amongst the top cars of the 21st century.

BMW enthusiasts criticized it for not upholding the “purity” of the other cars from the M Series.

Moreover, the car was named the “1 Series M Coupe” to avoid confusion with another famous BMW model: the M1. People also popularly refer to the former as 1M.

Compact BMW cars were highly uncommon during the beginning of this century, which is why the 1M was revolutionary.

It maximizes driving pleasure for the user with its motto of “pure driving.” The model has an M wing mirror with chrome grill elements for its wheel arches.

This design ensures complete safety for the driver, giving you a smooth experience. Further, the 1M has a carbon fiber front apron with three airy inlets that allow the engine to breathe.

This prevents the engine from heating up quickly and ensures longevity. The car also appears more muscular than the other 1 series models due to its flaring wheel arches.

Driving And Speed

As mentioned earlier, the 1 Series M Coupe aids a smooth driving experience.

While the car ensures a bump-free ride, it does not slow you down with its majestic look. Many of the car’s features make it similar to a racing model.

However, it still remains much more compact than any race-oriented car, making it a user favorite.

It has a three-liter petrol engine with six cylinders that were modified to fit the M standards.

The pistons in this engine form a V and share a common crankshaft to boost performance. This allows the vehicle a maximum output of 340 horsepower at nearly 5,900 rpm.

The car also displays a high cornering speed due to its wide wheel base, preventing rough cuts.

Moreover, the 1M engine can reach its maximum output with its over boost function. The function further allows you to minimize your acceleration time.

So, you can reach a speed of 100km/h from 0km/h in under 4.9 seconds.

The next milestone is hitting 200km/h, which 1M can bring to you in under 14 seconds. The top speed for the car is 250km/h, with its extra torque speed.

Next, the car lets you quickly shift between gears with a rapid and smooth lever. This high-revving concept from its six-piston engine makes for a thrilling experience for the driver.

Design And Interior

The 1 Series M Coupe has a slick and bulk look due to its fine chrome grille and wider safety structure.

The car exterior appears average to the ordinary eye. However, an expert would instantly recognize its smaller build.

While small, the car is still spacious. It fully focuses on the driver’s comfort, making them the central point.

1M’s leather steering wheel has an M button that allows you to select a sporty vehicle setup. This setting promotes the engine and “accelerate commands” to adjust more instinctively.

While most of the car’s build is lightweight polycarbonate, it has a carbon fiber bonnet. The latter has openings for ventilation and weight distribution.

The car also has one of the best weight-optimizing builds of the M series. It has an even design with a balanced structure for easy navigation.

The car’s dark interior and leather seams contrast with its shiny exterior, giving it effortless elegance.

Additionally, the car has light alloy wheels with differing tires. The car has a subtle rear wing with a standard titanium exhaust system to round off its motorsport look.

Safe Fun

This BMW model offers a pleasant and thrilling driving experience. However, the makers have ensured that the fun is not harmful with its various safety features.

Firstly, the car has a differential lock that builds up 100% torque if necessary, which provides a traction-free ride.

Moreover, the creators intricately designed the brake system to offer high-performance and sharp brakes. The low weight of the car also minimizes the jerk from sudden brakes.

The BMW 1M also has a drift mode that the driver can activate by turning on the MDM option on the dashboard.

While this feature allows you to oversteer, it offers stability control for safe targeting.

Other brake safety features on the BMW 1M include the anti-lock braking system, slip control, and dynamic brake control.

These features allow you to execute total control over your brakes, allowing more liberty to race.

Lastly, the start assist feature on this car automatically handles the brake system on the car to prevent it from rolling back.

However, the feature only remains active for a while as you turn on the car and step on the accelerator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Much Does A BMW 1M Cost?

The BMW 1M is one of the most affordable BMW models. While BMW cars are generally large and showy, this compact model is budget-friendly and efficient.

The average market price for the 1 Series M Coupe is around $60,000. However, these prices have been rising rapidly since the release of this model due to the limited availability.

Q2. What Engine Is In A BMW 1 Series M Coupe?

The BMW 1 Series M Coupe has a standard 3.0-3.5 liter straight-six engine. An airy front apron covers this engine to boost its performance.

It was one of the first M models to use proper turbocharging. Even though it displeased the “purists” of the BMW community, the engine was the most appealing part of the car.

Q3. How Rare Is A BMW 1M?

The BMW 1 Series M Coupe was only produced for a limited time. Initially, the company created only under 2,000 units.

However, once the car became a global success, they were forced to create several additional units.

It is still very rare to find the BMW 1M in most parts of the world. After production, approximately 1,000 units were made available for sale in the United States.

Hence, the model was the easiest to find there.

Q4. Why Is The BMW 1M So Special?

This BMW model is unique for several reasons. It was a huge step up from the previous M series model due to its powerful engine.

Moreover, the car was compact and provided a much smoother user experience than other cars in its budget range.

However, since many of its features differed from the other models in the series, people were not very appreciative of it.

The car became iconic due to its short and wide wheelbase and even weight distribution.

Q5. How Many BMW 1M Coupe Models Are Made?

During its initial release in 2011, only 2,700 BMW 1M models were created. Later that year, when demand rose, its manufacturing continued at the mother factory.

Finally, the makers ceased production around June 2012 after creating roughly 6,331 units.

Final Thoughts

The 2011 BMW 1 Series M Coupe is one of the most popular cars of the 21st century.

While BMW enthusiasts initially disliked it for differing from the previous cars in the series, it soon became a classic.

The car became so popular that the makers had to increase production to nearly thrice its initial plan.

The car is budget-friendly and compact but rare to find as it was only manufactured for a couple of months.

Nevertheless, all car enthusiasts need to learn more about this model and its features.